A Not Boring Quarantine #2

Day of the Dead Themed Party 🏵

For this second post of the series A Not Boring Quarantine, I propose you a Day of Dead Themed Party. The Day of the dead is traditionally a holiday from Mexico that celebrate the remembrance of some members of the family or friend that have died. It is characterized by bright colors for decoration and costumes and impressing skull makeups. It is a great theme for a party so if you are interested, make sure to continue reading for great ideas!


For decorations, I went for an orange, red, and black color palette. I did this activity for Halloween so I chose some darker colors, but if you want something more colorful, orange with blue and pink is a great mix!

I also put some red garlands from the Dollar store that I cut to at the bottom to recreate the texture found on a piñata. I bought some orange circles made of paper from the Dollar store also that I hung to the garland. I recreated a little altar with a fake picture, some flowers, and lights. Finally, I completed the decor with some candles and skulls. It is very easy and affordable (less than 10$!) and it creates a great ambiance.


One of the fun activities that I suggest for this night is to do some skull makeup. DeSerres store sells some great and affordable makeup kit where the makeup can be easily taken off with water. With a sponge and paint brushes, you have every you need to create a great look.

Food and Drinks

What would be a quarantine Mexican party without some Corona beer? For a fun drink put a Corona beer in a large glass filled with a mix of the following: grapefruit juice, SanPelligrino sparkling water, tequila, cranberry juice, and limes. Make sure to not fill the glass too much to keep space for the inversed beer. It is also a very good drink without alcohol for those who prefer this way.

For the food everything that is Mexican is good: enchiladas, tacos, corn, fajitas. Complete your meal with some corn chips with guacamole and salsa.


Black Rope. This is not a traditional Mexican activity, but it is a fun and “spooky” activity to do. During daylight, install a rope at hips high in the backyard to create a path. Test the path by holding the rope with one hand and make sure there are no obstacles. Then, when the night falls, each participant will be blindfolded and will need to walk the path by holding the rope. It is a fun trust experience where you have to trust only one of your senses.


What would be a Mexican inspired themed party without a piñata? We personalized this activity for quarantine by saying one thing the covid-19 situation took away from us before hitting the piñata. It helped to vent a little the frustration related to the quarantine and it was fun!

This is it for the second post of the A Not Boring Quarantine series, I hope you enjoyed and it inspired you to turn another confined Friday night into something fun. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and/or ideas in the comments section so we can continue to inspire each other:)

Hasta pronto!


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