5 Incredible Music Artists to Discover NOW! 🎡🎀

Do you have a music artist that you could not live without? An artist who, without personally knowing him/her has helped you go through some hard times or accompanied you in some very joyful moments. Maybe this artist was present at some important moments of your life such as your marriage or during a trip that has transformed your life. Sometimes, music is more than an amalgam of chords and words: it is an intangible friend that will always be by your side when needed.


In this post, I would like to share with you 5 incredible music artists whom songs have accompanied me during specific moments of my life and that I wish could accompany you too from now on. I would also love to read in the comments what are the songs or music artists that are part of the playlist of your life. Let’s start!

  1. Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder is a pop-indie duo from London composed of Josephine Vander Gucht and Antony West. I discovered their songs two years ago, and I do listen to them frequently since then. Their voices beautifully complete each other and create a feeling of intimacy that not all duo can share with their auditors.


Their style is broad as their songs such as All We Do, or Drive are more indie-pop and slow, whereas their collabs such as their major hit The Way Life Goes with Lil Uzi Vert or Superlove with Whethan are more moving and/or pop/rap. However, I prefer their soft songs such as the following:

Without You


How it goes (Beautiful videoclip on Youtube!)

Don’t You Worry

Nebraska (my recent discovery;)

2. Jewel

Jewel Kilcher is not a recent discovery for the world of music since she was a superstar during the ’90s. However, I think that she should be re-discovered;).

This American song-writer and signer was raised in Alaska and is well known for her unique folk-voice. Her voice has many beautiful colors as it can be sweet and seemingly innocent but then change for a very mature and powerful voice with a lot of depth. In addition to having incredible control over her voice, she plays the guitar for most of her songs which makes her a complete musician. Her most famous album is Pieces of You, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020. Here are my favorites songs from her:


You Were Meant For Me

Body on Body (Johnny Cash Album: Forever Words)

Who Will Save Your Soul

3. Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte Cardin is a song-writer and singer from Montreal, Quebec (yeahhh!;). She was discovered at the Quebec version of The Voice. She sings both in French and English and has written major hits in the past years, such as Main Girl, Dirty Dirty, and Sometimes All The Times with the popular Quebec rapper Loud.


Her style could be described as pop/jazz with a touch of electro in some of her songs. She has a beautifully mature voice and mixes some French words in some of her songs in English, which creates something very unique. Here are my favorites songs from this artist:


Main Girl

Sometimes All The Time –>

(With the Canadian rapper Loud, beautiful mix of English and French!)


Passive Agressive

(Actually, all of her songs are great, so you should listen to all of them;)

4. Mokita

I discovered this artist from a friend I made during a trip that completely changed my life. Every time I listen to a specific song from this artist, all the good memories from this trip come back, and I get emotional. Do you have a specific song that does that too? Tell me in the comment about it!


His real name is John-Luke Carter and was born and raised in one of the cradles of music: Nashville. However, as one could have thought, he is not a country musician. His style would be rather described as soft electronic/dance music. Here are some of my favorites songs from this artist:

Inside Out

All Into Nothing (With R3HAB)



More Than Friends

5. Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy was an American singer of the ’90s that I discovered about a year ago and wish I had discovered sooner. She is known for her interpretations of timeless hits such as Fields of Gold, Time After Time, Over the Rainbow.

Her voice is powerful and transports so many emotions that it makes you feel like she is the one who wrote those songs. She gives to these timeless hits a very personified approach as it tend to be more jazz and/or folk. Eva Cassidy was also a very talented guitarist, and I especially love the guitar accompaniment she created in her interpretation of Songbird (which was originally sung by Fleetwood Mac). Here are the other interpretations from this artist that are worth your time;)


Fields of Gold

Time After Time

Over the Rainbow

Autumn Leaves

This is it for this post, I hope it made you discover or re-discover brilliant artists. These artists have one thing in common, which is their ability to transport strong emotions in their voices as well as being able to touch personally some people with their talent. Some of the songs presented have for me strong emotions or moments related to it, which, once again, demonstrates that sometimes music can be more than art: it can influence the way one experiences life.

Γ€ bientΓ΄t!









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