5 Tips to Survive Summer Heatwaves🌞

Summer is great. Summer means ice cream, the beach, pool party, endless nights. However, summer also means heatwaves, and when you do not have access to air conditioning or when you do not tolerate heat well, it can be a challenging period of the year. So here are my 5 Tips to Survive Summer Heatwaves, and I hope it will help you go through the hot summer days that are coming. Enjoy!

Wear loose clothes instead of adjusted ones

Jeans shorts and a tank top might be your go-to summer outfit, but when there is a heatwave, you should prioritize loose clothes. Midi skirts, light dresses, linen pants are summer clothing pieces I suggest you for the bottom. Blouses, kimonos, or light dresses are other pieces that should be chosen over adjusted ones.

Don‘t (left)
Do (right)

Stay hydrated

Drinking water often is not a habit everyone has, and I include myself! We tend to just forget until we feel dehydrated. However, during a heatwave, hydration should be a priority due to the risk of heatstroke.

I find it easier to think to drink when you have a tumbler (drink cup that comes with a straw). I think more of drinking with this type of cup instead of a “normal” glass of water that I just leave on the counter.

Sleep with your hair wet

This can seem pretty random, but it is a tip that I have discovered recently, and that has saved my sleepless nights due to heat. I tried sleeping with ice packs (yes, I did!), opening my windows, and take off all the blankets of my bed, but sleeping with my hair wet is the best tip I have found so far to sleep better during heatwaves.

Still have a hard time falling asleep ? Click here for more tips!

young woman sleeping in comfy bed
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

DIY air conditioning

I had my first experience of dormitories when I spent a summer at Prince Edward Island University. During hot days, my roommates and I had to find a way to cool down a little in the dorm. What we did was to put water bottles in the freezer and then put them in front of the fan. It was like a small air conditioning!

Not a picture of great quality…but this is the actual picture of our “DIY” 😉

Close the curtains

This is also something that we tend to forget to do during a heatwave, but that is so important. When it gets hot outside, close the curtains so that the light and the heat do not penetrate the rooms. Open the windows only if the air is getting cooler because bringing hot air in will only be worse. Use a fan instead.

This is it for my 5 Tips to Survive Summer Heatwaves! I hope you enjoyed it and gave you a little “hope” to go through the hot summer days (and nights!) that are coming. If you have other tips, feel free to share them in the comments section, I would love to read them:).

À bientôt!


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