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One of the most popular posts I have written was 10 Date Ideas for Couples During the Pandemic. So here is another one of that kind, the summer edition!

With life slowly coming back to normal, now is the time to do great activities with your partner (or date!) and create some great memories! Enjoy this post!

Do a picnic

This is probably one of the most romantic activities that you can do during the summertime. Moreover, due to the pandemic, a lot of restaurants had to re-think their offer and have started seelling some picnics boxes. Here are some restaurants that offer this service:

  • ES Café (Location: South-Shore of Quebec City)
  • Cost: $13.95/per box.
  • Le Cosmos (Location: Quebec City)
  • Cost: starting at $15.00

If picnics boxes are not your thing, you can simply buy some fancy cheeses, a bottle of wine, and a baguette. Here is your “Parisian style” romantic picnic!

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Eat dumplings

Dumplings are my new food obsession. If you have seen my latest post about Montreal, you know that it is something that I suggest trying. There are more and more restaurants specialized in dumplings, and sometimes the combinations are so unique. You can find something for every taste.

If you like cooking, why not making them? However, make sure you have a lot of time because it can be pretty long to make.

If you are looking for a recipe, try this one from Tasty. co!

Go for a Roller Coaster Ride

I have recently read an article from National Geographic about the chemical reaction of love. According to this article, novelty releases dopamine, which is a hormone directly linked to pleasure.

Indeed, the article said that you have more chance to get a second date if you do a nerve-racking activity, like a roller coaster ride, since it releases this type of hormone. Thus, a positive feeling will be associated with this activity, and at the same time, of your date!

high scary roller coaster against gray sky
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Get crafty

The other day I went to a ceramic café with a friend and thought it could be the perfect place for a first date. It is not as formal as a restaurant since you are focused on the art piece you are making, but it is a great way to get to know the other person.

If you are from the Quebec City area, there is the Crackpot Café or the Céramic Café. I know it is a pretty popular concept, so if you are not from this area, you can probably find one near where you live.

Some of those ceramic painting studios also offer some ceramic painting kits for home. It is the case for Crackpot Café. That can be a great alternative if you prefer to stay home with a glass of wine;).

Cuddle under the stars

Isn’t it the most romantic thing to do during summer? Cuddling under the stars is such a simple date, but that we do not think often of doing. You only need a blanket and an empty field where you can lay, and here is your most romantic night ever.

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Share a milkshake

That is the kind of date you see in movies and that you tell yourself that you need to do this one time. It can seem pretty random, but isn’t it the cutest thing?

If I had a time machine and could bring back a trend from the past, it would definelitely be vintage snack bars. So if there are still some of them where you live, you should try this as a summer date.

woman in white dress holding clear glass cup with pink liquid
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Kiss under the rain

Let’s conclude this post with another classic. Kissing under the rain is the perfect way to transform a warm rainy day into the most cliché romantic scene from a movie.

This is it for this post! I hope you enjoyed it and it gave you great ideas. Whether it is for a first date or an activity to do with your partner, I think those are great dates for this summer.

I also added some classics, because sometimes we tend to try too hard to find THE most romantic activity whereas the most beautiful things or memories are often found in moments of spontaneity…like kissing under the rain!

À bientôt!


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