BUCKET LIST: 20 ideas for lockdown

At the beginning of October, the Quebec government had imposed a second lockdown for some regions of Quebec because of the second wave of COVID-19. Therefore, like many of you that might be in the same situation, we have to stay at home and go out only for what is essential.

Instead of watching Netflix all day and eat popcorn (which is still one of my favorite activities), I created the ultimate lockdown bucket list with 20 ideas to fight the boredom of being stuck at home again. These are great activities for families as well as for couples. Enjoy!

  1. Spa Night

Nail polish, face masks, bubble bath: bring the spa at home! There is never enough of ME time. You deserve it.

2. Build a Blanket Fort

Remember when life was about building the biggest fort and hiding under the blankets? Let’s do this again. Bring pillows, blankets, and your favorite book and escape in your new kingdom.

3. Homemade Olympics

I first saw this trend on Tiktok where a family created their own unique Olympics disciplines: straw challenge, staircase slide, sock slide challenge, and more. I thought the ideas were very unique and can inspire others to use our imagination and create our own funny Olympics. Here is the link to the Tiktok of the Presley family where I have found this idea: https://www.tiktok.com/amp/tag/quarantineolympics?lang=en

4. Gingerbread House making Contest

Why waiting for Christmas?? Gingerbread houses are so fun to make…and so delicious too!

5. Go for a Walk

Have some fresh air in your lungs. With the colors of the leaves slowly changing, there is no better typical fall activity than this. The smell of the forest and the crackling sound of the dried leaves under our boots is simply…merveilleux!

6. Social Media Detox

Put your cellphone in a box for a day. You will be surprised by how good it can feel to be disconnected from the crazy world we live in for a day.

Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

7. Do Yoga

I started yoga about three years ago and I wish I would have started sooner. Yoga has so many benefits on the physical side as well as on the mental health side. It helps you take the negative thoughts away, it helps you focus on what really matters; it increases your flexibility and it strengthens the important muscles of your body.

My favorite YouTube channel for doing yoga is called Yoga With Adriene. I love her method and she has a very wide variety of practices that can fit in anyone’s schedule.

8. Wii Fit Competition

For those who still have this so-called “antiquity”, it’s time to take it out from the closet for one night. I was surprised to have that much fun when I did this activity and it is even better in a competition mode with your boyfriend or family.

9. Tea Party

This is the perfect activity for tea lovers or anyone looking for a “cozy” experience.

Version 1: Choose different types of tea and flavors and organize a blind taste test.

Version 2: Organize a Zoom Tea Party with your friends. Enjoy a cup of your favorite tea with your friends and spill the tea together;)

10. Souper presque parfait

In Quebec, we have this TV show called “Un souper presque parfait”. Each week, complete strangers are invited into each other houses to enjoy a homemade three services meal. Then, each participant has to rate the meals, and the participant that collects most of the votes wins a cash prize.

This is the perfect activity for families or even for couples. Each member is assigned to a specific night where he has to show off his best cooking skills. The winner wins the title of the best cook and the loser/losers… have to clean the dishes!

11. Harry Potter Party


Choose your house: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. Put your magic “PJ” on and slippers and have a memorable night falling in love again with Harry Potter’s world. For the courageous one out there, try a marathon. Yes, coffee IS necessary.

12. Blindfolded Makeup

Try to make a full face makeup on the face of your potential victim but this time….blindfolded! This activity is soo funny and do not forget to take a picture of the end result.

13. Sushi Night

Ok, I know this activity can seem pretty complicated if you have never done sushis before but…it’s never too late to start! There are plenty of videos and recipes on Youtube or on the Web to help you learn the bases and trust me, it is worth the preparation time.

Photo by Luigi Pozzoli on Unsplash

14. Dance Party

This is honestly one of my favorite activities to do. Put some good music on (I personally suggest some good throwbacks) and show your best moves. Nightclubs might be closed, but you still can bring the nightclub to you;)

15. Celebrity dinner

This is an original way to turn a traditional Sunday night dinner into something more entertaining. Yourself (and the people you live with) have to dress into a celebrity and then try to guess each other costume. It is even funnier if you keep acting like your celebrity during dinner.

16. Board Games Night

Monopoly, Scattergories, Yahtzee, Scrabble, take them all out of the closet! The more, the more and count the victories at each game for even more competition. Please do not add up the +2 when playing Uno…that’s not a rule🙄

17. Picnic in the living room

This always feels like one of the scenes of The Big Bang Theory. With some Thai or Chinese food in take-out boxes, I can’t explain why but there is something magical in this simple activity. You can also do wine and cheese or some hors d’oeuvres et canapés, but beware wine and carpet.

18. Around the globe

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 lockdown does not allow us to travel, but this next activity offers you a flight around the globe for the time of one night.

Each participant has to prepare a short presentation about a trip they have made or a destination they would like to go to. Then, everyone has to present in front of others. It’s your time to shine as a travel influencer and who knows, maybe next year you will be able to go to one of these destinations.

19. Photo Album

Take pictures of the activities you have done during the lockdown. Then, create a cute photo album with the pictures and it will leave you a positive souvenir of the lockdown instead of a depressive one.

Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

20. Mexican Fiesta Party

*Keep this activity for the last day of the lockdown.*

It’s time to celebrate our patience, positivity, and perseverance that we demonstrated throughout the lockdown. Mexican food, piñata, homemade decorations and skeleton makeup are some of the ideas that I propose you for this special party.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

This is it for this bucket list, I hope it inspires you to stay strong during this crazy period and help you see the positive side. Indeed, I believe the current situation gives us the opportunity to collect memories and spend some time with our close ones which is not always possible when living at the “ordinary” pace.

À bientôt,

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