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Bucket Lists are one of my favorite thing to do. I love checking the boxes and feeling like I have accomplished something!

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Goal Setting Templates for 2022

I can’t believe we are almost in 2022. I feel like 2021 has just started! So much has happened during this year, but at the same…

My Travel Bucket List ✈

On my 17th birthday, I received an old typewriting machine. I started writing 100 things that I would like to do during my life, and this…

BUCKET LIST: 20 ideas for lockdown

At the beginning of October, the Quebec government had imposed a second lockdown for some regions of Quebec because of the second wave of COVID-19. Therefore,…

Other activity ideas

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A Not Boring Quarantine #2

Day of the Dead Themed Party 🏵 For this second post of the series A Not Boring Quarantine, I propose you a Day of Dead Themed…

A Not Boring Quarantine #1

Harry Potter Party 🌙 For this first post of the series A Not Boring Quarantine, I decided to start with one of our most successful activities:…

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Hi! I am so glad you have found my blog. My name is Juliette and I am from Quebec, Canada. I have created this blog because I was looking for a place to share and inspire others with my ideas. This blog is therefore created for you, and to explore the wonders of life with me.

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