6 Essential Travel Items

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As I am planning my next trip (destination revealed on my Instagram account;), I decided to share some of my essential travel items with you. This is not a packing list but rather a list of items that I use that make the traveling experience more organized and effective. Let’s start!

Travel Storage Bag Set

This is a must for organizing your suitcase. I have three travel storage bags in which I put my underwear and socks. So when I am looking for a pair of socks in my hostel at 7 AM, I don’t have to get everything out of my suitcase… Everything is well separated and easy to access. It can be found in any travel store or on Amazon for a reasonable price.

Travel Organizer Waller

So when I traveled during the pandemic last January, there was A LOT of paperwork to fill out. Federal Attestation, Passenger Locator Form, Health Declaration, as well as other travel documents, such as my boarding pass. Some people even brought a folder to put all the required papers!

So this travel organizer is THE thing you need whenever you are planning a trip that requires a lot of documents. It is expressly designed for travel documents and to put your boarding pass, passport, cards. I found this one in my local pharmacy in the travel section, but it can also be found on Amazon or any travel store.

Travel Secured Waist Pack

A travel secured waist pack is a little bag you wear under your clothes. It is very useful to keep your precious items such as your passport when traveling. Also, if you are traveling in a country where there are a lot of pickpockets, it is a safe alternative to a traditional wallet.

Mine also has RFID protection, which blocks electromagnetic fields, another way pickpockets can steal your passport information or credit cards. If you want to learn more about RFID and what exactly it consists of, I found this article to be very interesting.

Opinions are diverse regarding whether or not RFID is essential, but nowadays, many travel bags come with it, so I guess it is worth paying the extra for the one that has it.

Phone case with card slot

This is another essential item when you want to travel lightly. This phone case allows you to put all the cards you need for the day (driving license, credit card, metro card). This way, you can explore without a purse or wallet. It is very convenient for traveling and also for day-to-day life. The card slot is hidden, so people are surprised to see how much I can take out from my phone case. I got mine on Amazon, and there are many designs available.

Shampoo bar

Again, if you a fan of “packing light,” shampoo bars are a lifesaver. I talk about shampoo bars in this previous article, but essentially, what is great about a shampoo bar is that it is way less heavy than a shampoo bottle.

Also, a shampoo bar is the equivalent to 3 liquid shampoos of 300 ml (Yves Rocher), so if you are traveling for an extended period, it is pretty convenient. Finally, it is good for the wallet and the planet!

Many beauty products stores now sell this alternative kind of shampoo, and I especially love the ones from Lush. They smell good, have many benefits for the hair, are not too costly. They also sell some solid conditioners, which can be another great addition to a light-packing beauty products list.


Finally, here’s your lifesaver when it comes to jet lag. Melatonin is a hormone that our body creates, which affects our sleep cycles and sleep in general. You might know some people who take melatonin as a pill to help with insomnia or other sleep disorders. However, it has also been proven to have a positive effect on jet lag !

It is found in health food stores and on shelves in pharmacies, so you do not need to have a prescription to get some. When I have an overnight flight or struggling with jet lag, taking some melatonin helps me fall asleep.

Note, however, that if you have any particular health condition, you should talk to your doctor first to prevent possible drug interactions; for more information about melatonin, click here.

This is it for my travel essentials! I hope you enjoyed it and that you found this helpful. Note that I am not in any affiliate program whatsoever, so these are really some items that I use and recommend;)

I also have an Instagram reel on this topic, so make sure to follow the account to not miss a thing! See you next post!

À bientôt!


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I never knew that about melatonin that’s interesting I’ll have to remember that one

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