2022-inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

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Spooky, spooky season.

Halloween parties are at our doors! If you still haven’t found your Halloween costume for this year, you have come to the right place. In this post, I am sharing with you 5 last-minute 2002-inspired Halloween costume ideas. These costume ideas are inspired by major events that have happened during the year 2022 so far, by pop-culture moments of 2022 or are characters from popular TV shows. If you have a costume contest, this is where you will find the nugget of gold. Enjoy!

1- Steve Harrington or Robin Buckley / Stranger Things

Stranger Things has been one of the most popular shows this year. I am such a fan, too, and one of my favorite characters is Steve Harrington. I especially love his character development during season three and the friendship created between him and Robin.

For this costume, you will need:

  • A blue shirt
  • Sailor hat on which you write Ahoy (the name of the shop)
  • Blue shorts

Use the same costume to dress as Robin Buckley!

2- Duo costume: Taylor Swift You Belong with Me

With her new album Midnight coming up tomorrow, why not dress up as one of the most iconic music videos the artist has made: You belong with me. The first person dresses as the “mean” girl, and the other is Taylor with the famous Junior Jewel T-shirt.

“She wears high heels, I wear sneakers, she’s Cheer Captain, I’m on the bleachers”

For the Taylor costume, you will need:

  • A white T-shirt on which you write Junior Jewel, fake signatures, and draw little triangles on the collar.
  • A big notebook with a black marker
  • Plaid PJ pants
  • Sneakers

For the “mean” girl costume, you will need:

  • Long white camisole
  • Pink long sleeves shirt or cardigan
  • Pink plaid skirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Heels

3- The Queen

If you are looking for an original costume for this year, look no further and dress up as the Queen!

For this costume, you will need:

  • A crown
  • Some old jewelry (which you can probably find in a thrift shop!)
  • A granny dress
  • A white wig

Or, if you prefer, you can do a younger version of the Queen, inspired by the Netflix drama series, The Crown.

4- Emily in Paris

Another show that has marked the year 2022 is Emily in Paris. Are you team Gabriel or team Alfie? Anyways, if there’s one thing that we love about this show is the wardrobe of Emily. Her outfits are always stunning. Learn a few words of French, recreate this iconic outfit, and here you have a unique Halloween costume!

For this costume. you will need:

5- Johnny Depp

Another major pop-culture moment that has happened in 2022 so far is the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. For days, this was the only thing the media would talk about. The trial was also live on YouTube, so the entire world was able to follow the events. So if you are looking for a 2022 pop-culture-inspired costume, why not dress as Johnny Depp?

For this costume, you will need:

This is it for this post! I hope you enjoyed it and that it gave you costume ideas for your Halloween parties. Let me know in the comments other 2022-inspired costume ideas you have! Until then…see you next post!

À bientôt!


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