We Live in a Strange World – How to grasp some meaning as a twenty-something

When my birthday is coming up, I like to write a post that is a little more personal, where I share my thoughts about where I am standing in my life, what I have learned, and what I am projecting for the upcoming year of my life. So here’s a little piece for me, forContinue reading “We Live in a Strange World – How to grasp some meaning as a twenty-something”

Money and Happiness: Why I Don’t Want to be Rich

I come from a wealthy family. Wealthy in the sense that I could participate in extracurricular activities, had the chance to go to a private high school, and have a brand new bikini for the summer. Wealthy, in the sense that I have never been scared that my needs would not be met. By growingContinue reading “Money and Happiness: Why I Don’t Want to be Rich”

5 Random Acts of Kindness to Spark Some Joy✨

You probably have heard the saying: giving is better than receiving. Making someone happy, even if it is only to grasp a little smile is indeed one of the best feelings someone can experience. Thus, I believe that spreading kindness is an important ingredient of the happiness recipe. In this post, I will share withContinue reading “5 Random Acts of Kindness to Spark Some Joy✨”

18 Things I have Learned in 18 Years

PART 1 – Personal Development #3 – With my 19th birthday coming in less than a month, I have been thinking a lot recently about what this number means. As the legal age in Quebec is 18 years old, it means that I have completed my first year as an “adult“. This led me toContinue reading “18 Things I have Learned in 18 Years”

Introvert, extrovert, and…human 🌗

– Personal development #2 – You are an outgoing person that loves to talk and human interactions? You are an extrovert! You are more in your own thoughts, love to be alone, and not always comfortable interacting with other people? You are an introvert. What if you like to have human interactions and talk, butContinue reading “Introvert, extrovert, and…human 🌗”

Find your Ikigaï : Step-by-Step Guide

– Personal Development #1- I have always been passionate about personal development and striving for becoming the best version of myself. However, I have questioned myself for a long time before finally deciding to write about this topic because it is so wide. Personal development is different for each individual as we are all uniqueContinue reading “Find your Ikigaï : Step-by-Step Guide”