Favorite Scandinavian Instagram Accounts ❄☃

– Lifestyle #1- Scandinavian countries have always inspired me since I bought the book called The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking. Since then, I have always dreamt of visiting those countries and I try to incorporate the Nordic lifestyle into mine. This passion led me to follow on social media Scandinavian influencers and discover their Nordic lifestyle. Therefore, I present to you in this article my top 5 favorite Instagram accounts of Scandinavian influencers. Hope it inspires you!

1- Cecilia Blomdahl – @sejsejila – Svalbard

Cecilia Blomdahl lives in Longyearbyen, which is the world’s northernmost town. Longyearbyen is part of Svalbard which is a Norwegian archipelago. Her Instagram displays beautiful pictures of her life in the artic as well as her daily life with her dog. She also has a Youtube and TikTok channel that gives more information about what it is like to live in a particular area like Svalbard.

2- Cornelia Grimsmo – @corneliagrimsmo – Lofoten islands

Cornelia Grimsmo lives in the beautiful Lofoten islands in Norway. On her Instagram, she shares her daily life as a proud Norwegian and her daily adventures. She enjoys good food, outdoor activities, and finding happiness in daily life. Cornelia also has a Youtube account where she discusses personal growth and her life on the Lofoten islands. Her little house by the water and mountains is definitely a dreamy place to live!

3- Karoline Dall – @karodall – Copenhagen

Karoline Dall is a fashion influencer from Denmark. I love her colorful style and the happy vibes her Instagram feed displays. She also presents in her Instagram highlights some capsules of how to style specific pieces of clothing. Finally, her account shows pictures of her apartment that is as much colorful as her style!

4- Hanna Stefansson – @hannastefansson – Denmark

Hanna Stefansson is a Swedish digital creator that currently lives in Denmark. I love her simplistic lifestyle as well as her original style. Her feed is so romantic and gives us major “cottage” vibes. She loves to spend time on the beach at Bornholm, a little island in Denmark, and shares pictures of her moments there. It is so hygge! Looking at her feed makes us want to go picnic with wine and enjoy the simple things in life.

5- Marie Hindkaer – @mariehindkaer – Copenhagen

Marie Hindkaer is a fashion influencer from Copenhagen, Denmark. She shares pictures of her day-to-day outfits that are typical of minimalist Danish fashion: neutrals, axed on comfort and simplicity. She proves on her Instagram account that your simple pieces of clothing can still look chic and polished. Her smile is also very contagious and her feed gives major Scandinavian vibes.

This is it for my five favorite Scandinavian influencers, I hope you enjoyed! All of these beautiful women have one thing in common which is that they take the time to enjoy the simple moments of their daily life, which is so inspiring. Sometimes, a beautiful moment can be to enjoy a cup of your favorite tea with your loved ones, and read a book or look at a good movie:) Make sure to follow their accounts to see their feed, and do not hesitate to share in the comments what are your favorite Instagram accounts.

À bientôt!


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