Fall 2022 – What to Do THIS October!

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Dear October. Now is officially the time for the best season of the year: fall. Every year, I look forward to when leaves start to change, when the hot summer air turns into fresh crispy air, and when I can re-watch Gilmore Girl without feeling guilty.

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that I love writing about this season. You also know that one of my favorite things is making a bucket list, so I am glad to share my official Fall 2022 Bucket List with you! If you want to create your own, you can also download your template right below and inspire yourself with some of the ideas (or all of them!) that I present in this post.

May the fall spirit be with you!

1- Watch or re-watch Harry Potter

I love traditions, and when it comes to fall, re-watching Harry Potter is one of my favorites. There is something about these movies that give an instant fall vibe, and it is just such a magical atmosphere. If you are a fan of the series like me, you can also do a Harry Potter party with homemade butterbeer and Hogwarts houses quiz!

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2- Go apple picking

I haven’t gone apple-picking in a long time, so it is definitely on my fall bucket list for this year! Whether with friends, family, or on a date, I feel like apple picking is the perfect activity for a fall weekend. Plus, you can also combine this activity with a cooking session afterward. It’s the time of the year when you can show your apple pie cooking skills…or at least try;)

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3- Study in a coffee shop

If you are a full-time student like me, it can be a little bit hard to incorporate some fall activities when you also have to study during weekends. However, there are some ways to incorporate fall vibes into your studies. For example, you can go study in a coffee shop! The cozy atmosphere, mixed with some acoustic music and a hot drink, makes it the perfect fall and study activity.

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If you are from Quebec city and the area, here are some of my favorites coffee shops to go study:

  • ES Café (Lévis, Lauzon, St-Romuald, St-Nicolas)
  • Stockholm Café (Ste-Foy)
  • Starbucks (Lévis, Ste-Foy)

5- Visit a pumpkin patch

Another classic here. Fall is the pumpkin season! Pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin soup, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie…there are so many good things to make with pumpkins. And if you are more of an art and craft person than a cook, there’s also the good old pumpkin carving activity to create the perfect porch decoration.

orange pumpkins on green wheelbarrow
Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

6- Cook some fall food

So I’ve already mentioned a few ideas already of some of the best fall recipes: soup, stew, cookies, pie, muffins, etc. If it’s comfort food, it’s fall food! One of my favorite fall snacks is molasses cookies, but I know it is not something common everywhere. Let me know in the comments where you are from and if you do know molasses cookies!

woman sitting on the ground with a bunch of snacks
Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

I’ve been vegetarian for four years already, and I have recently found this amazing vegetarian food blog called Cookie + Kate which has a whole section on their blog dedicated to fall recipes. It will definitely be on my list to try some of them for October!

7- Take a walk and enjoy the changing leaves

This is one of the simplest activities to do, but it is the perfect way to capture the essence of fall. What makes this season so unique are the changing leaves, so let’s admire this fantastic natural phenomenon by taking a walk and rediscovering our neighborhood.

And if you are looking for something a little bit more exciting, why not take a walk with…alpacas! I offered my sister this activity as a gift, and it was SO FUN! We went to Alpaga Select and had such a great experience. The owners were kind, and we learned so much about the animals. Of course, everything is organized with respect to the animal. This kind of activity is getting more and more popular, and so there are a few places that are starting to offer it, depending on where you live.


If you live in Quebec, here are some places where you can do some alpa-trekking.

8- Switch to hot chocolate

I recently rediscovered hot chocolate, so for October, I am letting team coffee down and joining the hot chocolate team. Choose your side;)

wood dawn coffee dark
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9- Make a fall/cozy playlist

Probably one of the most effortless fall activities to do, but that I do consider essential to put ourselves in the fall mood. So many fall playlists are available on Spotify, so find the one that fits your taste or… creates your own! If you are looking for new artists to discover, check out my previous post: 5 Incredible Music Artists to Discover NOW!

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

This is it for Fall 2022-What to do THIS October. I hope you enjoyed it and it put you into a fall spirit! My goal when I started this blog was to share my ideas and activities to do during the pandemic, so the content has changed a little now that the pandemic is over (finally!). However, the mission has remained the same: to share my ideas to help you create your own happiness recipe. And this can start simply with a sip of hot chocolate;)

See you next post,

À bientôt!


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