10 Date Ideas for Couples During the Pandemic πŸ’˜

With Valentine’s day coming up, I would like to share with you 10 date ideas for couples during the pandemic. With everything being closed and the recent curfew at 8 PM, it can seem pretty hard to find some fun activity to do with your partner. Hopefully, those 10 ideas will inspire you to getContinue reading “10 Date Ideas for Couples During the Pandemic πŸ’˜”

A Not Boring Quarantine #1

Harry Potter Party πŸŒ™ For this first post of the series A Not Boring Quarantine, I decided to start with one of our most successful activities: Harry Potter Party. We had so much fun falling into Harry’s Potter world again and I want to share with you what we did to transform this boring quarantineContinue reading “A Not Boring Quarantine #1”