My Travel Bucket List โœˆ

On my 17th birthday, I received an old typewriting machine. I started writing 100 things that I would like to do during my life, and this includes a lot of traveling. Like an old typewriting machine, I have always been attracted to non-common travel destinations and places that reveal some mysticism. So in today’s post,Continue reading “My Travel Bucket List โœˆ”

12 Ideas to Add to Your Summer Bucket List๐ŸŒด

Having projects and adventures in mind is what makes me feel alive. Like many of you, making bucket lists have always been a fun way for me to keep myself interested during the different seasons. Moreover, did you know that my first post on my blog was a bucket list? So for this second summerContinue reading “12 Ideas to Add to Your Summer Bucket List๐ŸŒด”