Hidden Hiking Gem in Quebec

Only 40 minutes away from Quebec City is hidden the beautiful Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area. I have always lived in Quebec and have done many hikes in the area, but I had never heard of this place until recently. A few days ago, my boyfriend and I decided to explore the area, and we discovered a hiddenContinue reading “Hidden Hiking Gem in Quebec”

5 Best Places to Visit in the US this Summer

With summer coming up, we are all starting to plan our vacations and looking for some new places to discover. So in this post, I want to share with you 5 Travel Destinations, US Edition, that are the perfect place to visit this summer. I will also share with you the top things to doContinue reading “5 Best Places to Visit in the US this Summer”

Fall – Minimalist Room Decor 🍂

With October coming up slowly, I decided to give my room a little makeover. I have always loved to decorate my room when the season changes and fall is definitely my favorite one. This year, I decided to do something a little bit more minimalist, but still very hygge and cozy. When I do roomContinue reading “Fall – Minimalist Room Decor 🍂”