30-Days Wellness Challenge

There is an ongoing debate about whether March or November is the worst month of the year.

My position is that March is the worst as we are bored of winter, want some warmth and sunlight, and the weather is bad. However, I do recognize that November is also a difficult month of the year, as the amount of sunlight we get is greatly reduced and the weather is crude.

So in order to fight the melancholy that can come with this month, I want to present you the first challenge of the blog: 30-Days Wellness Challenge! What does this consist of? It consists of a calendar (see below) that contains one activity (or act) to do per day to help increase your overall wellness.

The first and last day of the challenge includes a wellness assessment so that you can witness whether or not there has been some change in your overall wellness after completing the challenge.

But before jumping right into the challenge, what is wellness? We hear this word often, but what does it include, and how can we measure it?

Wellness includes 8 dimensions. Some people might say 5, 12, or 7, but I like to work with 8. The 8 dimensions encompass all the spheres of your life.

1- Emotional: how someone deal and express its emotions. To be able to do some introspection regarding how we are feeling. It also concerns self-esteem.

2- Environmental: it includes your relationship with your environment (where you live, your community, etc), but also how you treat the earth.

3- Financial: how you manage your finances. How happy you are with your financial situation.

4- Intellectual: Cultivating intellectual growth. To be curious and open to learning. To be creative.

5- Occupational: Everything that is career-related. If your job is enjoyable. If what you do is meaningful to you, if you feel useful.

6- Spiritual: how you find meaning in your life. Living a life that takes into account your values and beliefs.

7- Physical: how active you are. How you take care of your body.

8- Social: your social circle, your social life in general. The quality of your relationships.

Wellness Assessment

So now that we have a better understanding of the 8 dimensions of wellness, the next step (and the first step of the challenge!) is to do the wellness assessment. The wellness assessment is something that I have learned during a workshop during a linguistic program, and I find that it is a useful tool to measure our overall wellness and recognize the areas that need some work.

So how does it work? Print the document below and draw each slice of the pie chart. Each slice corresponds to a wellness dimension, and you fill it with color depending on how “full” this dimension of wellness is in your life. You can also do it with an electronic device, but it is easier and more enjoyable to do it by hand.


Let’s start!

So now that you have everything to do the challenge, it is time to start! Each activity of the challenge relates to one of the 8 dimensions of wellness so that at the end of the challenge you can notice some improvement in your overall wellness. Most activities do not require much planning as it is supposed to be easy to add in your day-to-day schedule. However, note that day 21 might require that you book the activity in advance.

Finally, I invite you to follow the Instagram page of the blog to see the 30-days wellness challenge in real-time. You can also send me your pictures of you completing the activities challenge or simply tag me so that I can repost you.

I wish you a lot of fun, but more importantly…30 days of pure wellness!

A bientôt!



8 dimensions of wellness: https://www.unh.edu/health/wellness-wheel

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