5 Best Places to Visit in the US this Summer

With summer coming up, we are all starting to plan our vacations and looking for some new places to discover. So in this post, I want to share with you 5 Travel Destinations, US Edition, that are the perfect place to visit this summer. I will also share with you the top things to doContinue reading “5 Best Places to Visit in the US this Summer”

We Live in a Strange World – How to grasp some meaning as a twenty-something

When my birthday is coming up, I like to write a post that is a little more personal, where I share my thoughts about where I am standing in my life, what I have learned, and what I am projecting for the upcoming year of my life. So here’s a little piece for me, forContinue reading “We Live in a Strange World – How to grasp some meaning as a twenty-something”

The Perfect Day-Trip in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a beautiful city situated in Alsace, France. It is right next to the border shared with Germany, so you get to experience the German influence of the place. The half-timbered houses will make you feel like you are out of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale and the unique Alsace cuisine is something to tryContinue reading “The Perfect Day-Trip in Strasbourg”

10 Things to Do in Paris – Travel Guide

Paris, France. Paris is such a beautiful city. The architecture is gorgeous, the food is terrific, and there are people in love everywhere. It is true, Paris is the city of love. I spent ten days in Paris, which has allowed me to discover most of its arrondissements. I had a travel guide called Paris Γ€Continue reading “10 Things to Do in Paris – Travel Guide”

How to Travel During the Pandemic: my best tips! ✈

January 2022 I just came back from a beautiful trip to Paris. I had so much fun and discovered a wonderful city. It was my first time traveling since the start of the pandemic, so with all the excitement that came with the planning of the trip, anxiety was also along the way. Will IContinue reading “How to Travel During the Pandemic: my best tips! ✈”

How to Fall Asleep FasterπŸŒ›

Wellness Challenge Day 10: Get the recommended amount of sleep. According to sleepfoundation.org, an adult needs between 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Children and teens will need more, and as we get older, it will decrease (7 to 8 hours for people over 65). One of the most common reasons we have for notContinue reading “How to Fall Asleep FasterπŸŒ›”

30-Days Wellness Challenge

There is an ongoing debate about whether March or November is the worst month of the year. My position is that March is the worst as we are bored of winter, want some warmth and sunlight, and the weather is bad. However, I do recognize that November is also a difficult month of the year,Continue reading “30-Days Wellness Challenge”

What I am reading

My relationship with reading has always had its up and downs. I have never considered myself as a big reader, as I often feel discouraged by big books and choose cultural magazines over books. However, over the past months, I decided to reconnect with books, and turn my negative memories of “required reading” in schoolContinue reading “What I am reading”