5 Simple Eco-Friendly Tips To Add To Your Routine NOW!

Being eco-conscious about my day-to-day actions is something really important for me. Whether it is in my eating and buying habits, or my beauty routine, I try as much as possible to reduce waste and use natural ingredients. So in today’s post, I want to share with you 5 eco-friendly tips that are part ofContinue reading “5 Simple Eco-Friendly Tips To Add To Your Routine NOW!”

Christmas: 5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

– Seasonal #2 – In this post, I propose 5 eco-friendly gift ideas for your eco-friendly friend or for yourself, because there are so nice that we would like to keep them for ourselves;). Most of them are made in Canada or in Quebec because I believe it is important to encourage local businesses, andContinue reading “Christmas: 5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas”